Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to our most commonly asked questions here.

Can I sell online?
Site Simple is all about providing visually excellent, perfectly formed, simple brand websites. Online stores, also known as eCommerce websites, are far from simple. They require much more set up, customisation and training on how to use them. If you are looking to start selling online then we have a wealth of experience in WooCommerce and Shopify and can happily discuss your project with you. Visit Portridge Ecommerce Stores for more info.
I need email addresses, can you help?
Having professional email addresses using your domain will make it more likely that potential customers will trust your company. We are an Official Microsoft Partner, Office 365 Email Addresses are £6/month. If you are already a customer, fill out a request on the portal and we’ll get it set up for you. Portridge Help Portal
How do I pay?
Payments are made by Direct Debit. We use GoCardless to provide this, and it is simple to set up as part of the signup process.
How long does it take?
Once we have all your content and you’ve made design decisions we’ll have your site ready within a week.
What is included in the subscription?
You get a fully managed and mobile optimised site, built by the team at Portridge. We build, host, manage and maintain your site.
Can I make changes to my site?
Yes, we’ll make content changes whenever you need them. You can add a request over at our portal.
How much does it cost?
Our pricing is Simple! It is is £40 per month inc VAT, this includes the site design, hosting, maintenance, security, domain renewal and content changes when you need them. There are extras that you can add such as a blog, or email addresses. Those are all listed on the pricing page.
Can I take my site and host it somewhere else?
Site Simple is a SaaS platform, all websites are built within it. It does not support external hosting as each Site Simple website relies on the technology and services within the platform to operate. It is this architecture which allows us to build Site Simple websites with such speed and affordability.
Am I tied in to a contract?
No, with our Site Simple websites there’s no contract, you can cancel any time.
Are there any limitations to Site Simple?
In order to make Site Simple as affordable as possible, we’ve worked very hard to streamline our processes, and to create a compact, perfectly formed product. Site Simple websites are single-page, bespoke designs. They feature on-page navigation which scrolls the user down to the relevant content. If you have a look at some of our recent launches, you’ll get the idea. There are a range of selected add-ons that are available, but If you feel like you need something more expansive then we’d be delighted to discuss a full web project with you. For more information visit