Simple + affordable + rapid

Serious websites built by pros.

£40 a month + no setup fee + no contract

Site Simple is a super economical way to help your business thrive. For less than the average phone bill, with no setup fee and no contract, our expert team will build you a tip-top website in 3 days flat. This isn’t another build-it-yourself website company. We’re a group of highly experienced professionals in the wonderful United Kingdom, and we’re going to be doing all the work for you.

Don't take our word for it


Case Study

Powershift are a blast cleaning company who do tons of work for councils, transport systems and private clients. They needed a simple way to get their brand online, but felt that having a bespoke website built for several thousand pounds was massive overkill, and using a self-build solution just wasn’t realistic. We built them the perfect site.

"Working with Site Simple was really easy. We'd looked at some self-build website companies like Wix and GoDaddy but we just didn't have the time to do it ourselves. With Site Simple we got exactly what we needed, a professional site that gives us the credibility our clients expect. We've been really happy with the service and would recommend to anyone."

Mike Fielding - Director

So how does it work?

It's pretty damn simple.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours building some of the most spectacular website designs on the internet. All you need to do is choose the style that suits you best, send us your content, images and logo, then sit back and wait while we build your site. It only takes a couple of days.

What about maintenance?

We've got it nailed.

We don’t just build your site, we take care of it forever. Tip top hosting is included, as is security, backups and maintenance. We’re constantly monitoring all of our clients’ websites, ensuring they are functioning correctly and are secure. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have any problems, but just in case, we’ve got three layers of backups to call on.

How is the performance?

Lightning fast.

Every site we make is optimised to within an inch of its life. Sonic fast. The key is simplification. We only use code that is absolutely necessary, and the less code we use, the less code needs loading. Check out the scores for yourself here.

Will I be on Google?

Damn right you will.

We’ll connect you to Google as standard. Your site will be indexed on Google Search Console, your meta data will be tip top, and you’ll have your own Google Business listing.

What about email addresses?


We’re a Microsoft partner so we can hook you up with an Office 365 mailbox, complete with Office apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Plus we’ve got high end security, anti spam, anti phishing and backups.

Is it moble friendly?

Of course it is.

Over 70% of website traffic is on mobile, so obviously it’s critical that your website works seamlessly across all devices. Our websites are fully responsive to adapt to any screen.

Can I have a custom domain?

If you’ve already got a domain, great, otherwise just let us know what domain you want and we’ll find it for you. No charge.

Who actually builds my site?

Professionals in the UK

Site Simple is created, built and managed by highly experienced professionals from Portridge in the wonderful United Kingdom. We don’t outsource. Each Site Simple template is painstakingly crafted by one of our team, and each Site Simple website is carefully built by the same designer. You can find out more about Portridge at

What if I outgrow my website?

We're ready for that.

Site Simple is a “Website as a Service” platform. In a nutshell that means your site is built within our system, it’s not a standalone site so it can’t be moved to a different server and worked on. Luckily though, Site Simple is part of the Portridge Design House, meaning that when you feel you need to grow, we simply transfer your account to Portridge where you’ll have access to bespoke, limitless website development opportunities.

Can you help with content?

Our copywriters can.

It’s not included in the standard fee, but if you need some help developing your content then we have some excellent copywriters we can put you in touch with.

So what's the actual cost?

£40 a month. Forever.

It’s that simple. The key to our success is simplification. We’ve worked incredibly hard to streamline our processes, meaning we can provide a high quality service for a very reasonable price. Every Site Simple site has an abundance of power and technology, but the simplicity of the system allows us to build your website in lightning speed. Website, hosting, security, backups, no setup cost, no contract, no catches.